Managed Services

(Packages are available and are customised to your requirements)

Scheduled System Maintenance
System administration
Quarterly review meetings
Team awareness




(Packages are available and are customised to your requirements)

What does managed service actually mean?

Managed Services provide a holistic IT support package. Systems and response times are all maintained under an ongoing SLA contract to ensure your business continuity remains active.

We can also offer a Break/Fix support model if prefered. In this model we provide technicans based on ticket request.


Scheduled System Maintenance

  • Software Updates
  • Operating System Updates
  • Firmware Updates
  • System performance reviews
  • Performance Benchmarking comparrisons
  • Hardware Healthchecks

System administration

  • User/Computer cleanup
  • Security review and cleanup
  • Configuration adjustments as required

Quarterly review meetings

  • Discuss previous 3 months usage
  • Find reoccurring training requirements
  • Plan next 3 months (any changes client knows about ie. staff changes)
  • Project planning
  • Budget planning for equipment

Team awareness 

Internally, we discuss you bunsiess on a monthly basis so all our team know your technical setup and what we can do to reduce your expenditure/improve system/user performance. This means you have an entire team combining their knowledge and skills to ensure your business’ technology is working for you in the most cost-effective and productive way.


We can monitor your entire environment, This includes however is not limited too:

  • All Servers – Including Disk, Memory, CPU, I/O, Network, Services, Firewall
  • Workstations – Disk/Memory/CPU/Network/Applications/Firewall
  • Switches/Routers/Firewalls – Unusual Traffic, Load, Update Requirements
  • VPN – User activity/Unusual activity
  • Services – All Cloud services availability, Internal Services Availability
  • Websites – LoadTimes, Uptime

How this benefits your business

  • We can immediately action any items that require adjustment under our Managed Service model. Or alternatively notify you out of hours to approve works.
  • We can have a technician ready onsite either out of hours or at the start of your workday to fix any issues

A managed service model provides peach of mind, so you and your team can concentrate on what you do best.