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Creating a new Dashboard View of Database Events

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Creating a Dashboard

Open the DriveLock Operation Center

Within the Dashboard screen, select the [ + ] to create a new dashboard

Select the edit dashboard button

Edit the Row.

Select ‘New Widget from string’

Paste in the following to create the widget view:

{“dataCrc”:951711428,”data”:{“type”:1,”content”:[{“id”:”D54408E9-1156-4AAA-8BDF-AEB251250A69″,”displayName”:”Event ID in DB”,”factor”:1,”index”:0,”templateId”:”F07107D7-1BEF-4E54-A035-173F707AB325″,”type”:”List”,”query”:”and()”,”timespan”:null,”groupBy”:”eventId”,”styleClass”:null,”serviceTag”:”Events”,”options”:{“columns”:[“eventId”],”sortBy”:null,”highRange”:{},”lowRange”:{},”initialPageSize”:100,”category”:1,”icon”:”dl-user-monitor”,”color”:”rgba(91,112,139,1)”},”isCustomWidget”:true}],”templates”:[{“id”:”F07107D7-1BEF-4E54-A035-173F707AB325″,”displayName”:”Event ID in DB”,”widthFactor”:1,”factor”:1,”type”:”List”,”query”:”and()”,”timespan”:null,”groupBy”:”eventId”,”description”:”Event IDs in DB”,”styleClass”:null,”styleMapper”:null,”serviceTag”:”Events”,”options”:{“columns”:[“eventId”],”sortBy”:null,”highRange”:{},”lowRange”:{},”initialPageSize”:100,”category”:1,”icon”:”dl-user-monitor”,”color”:”rgba(91,112,139,1)”},”isCustomWidget”:true,”isInternalWidget”:false,”isPrivateWidget”:false,”ownerId”:null,”requiredFeatures”:null,”sortIndex”:30,”newFontIcon”:”dl-table”,”displayNameResolved”:”Event ID in DB”}],”version”:1}}

Select Add Widget

You should now have list of events in your database

Each event ID is unique, and you can get a list of the event id’s within the configuration editor.

Select EDR -> DriveLock events

If you discover your database is being flooded by events that are not valuable to you, you can change this within the Policy.

E.G: Application Started – Event 474 will load up your database extremely quickly.

You can remove these items from the EDR view item

Removing Events from the Database

You can run routines to clear events from the system.

As an example, if your database contains the above ‘process started’ (EventID 144)


FROM [DriveLock].[dbo].[Events]

WHERE [EventID] = 144

If you want to see the data that will be deleted


  FROM [DriveLock].[dbo].[Events]

  WHERE [EventID] = 144

Shrinking the Database.

It is recommended you work with your DBA for these operations.

However after you have performed a backup you have options within the SQL Server Management Studio.

Database Maintenance

To performance standard Maintenance on the database, you can trigger this within the DriveLock operations centre.

Expand settings, DL Service Provider

You can delete events older than X days.