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Naturally we want to ensure you get the best experience with any software/configuration you request from us. Therefor we offer a range of Professional Services.

  • Proof of Concept – Up to 25 endpoint configured and locked down (if desired) with test groups. Fuill reporting enabled and the knowledge and skills on how to read the reports
  • Installation/Design Documenation – Let us help you set your systems up. We help you with the entire design phase with recommendations so you don’t under or over allocation resources.
  • Training – In order to get the best from the software/configuration we offer training (In a number of cases this can be certified training with certificate in place)
  • Analysis – Deep diving through records to find trends without your business data is something we can perform for you. We are your 3rd set of eyes and will work with you to ensure you can see aswell as understand the pattern/event.
  • HealthCheck – We can review and evaluate configurations /environment on demand, Providing you a report and estimate of any future required changes to your system/configuration.
  • Monitoring – We do also offer monitoring services where we can work with you and your data to activly monitor and report on discovered trends. This can be a active or scheduled monitoring service.