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DriveLock Logo Customization

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DriveLock Agent logos can be customized by adding files to the policy file storage. 
DLWizardLogo.bmp Customizes the large logo displayed on the right side of all wizards displayed by DriveLock Agent, e.g. in all encryption wizards.
The example shows a red X as the custom logo:

Format File:
BMP 24-bit color depth
Height: 48 pixels
Width: 48 pixels

DLPopupLogo.png Customizes the DriveLock logo as displayed in the Agent popup messages.
The example shows a red X as the custom logo:

Format File:
PNG file (32-bit color depth (24-bit color plus 8-bit alpha channel). Attention: the color depth is not checked and PNG images with less than 32-bit color depth will simply not be displayed.)
Height: 24 pixels
Width: 250 pixels (Or Lower as needed) 

Where to add these files:

To customize logos, just add these two files (with exact the same name) to the policy file storage of the policy that should be customized:
    – In DriveLock MMC open the policy,
    – Select Global configuration -> File storage.
    – Right-click and select New -> File… from the context menu.
    – Add the files.

The policy file storage should look like this:

Save (and publish) your policy.
Apply the policy to an Agent (restart DriveLock Agent if the same policy was applied before for the settings to take effect).