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DriveLock License Area

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First, enter your DriveLock licenses directly into the policy.

Note: If you want to use a single policy for all your settings, you can simply specify the license settings in it. However, if you create several policies, we recommend creating a separate license policy that contains only the license settings and that is then assigned to the agents.

Please do the following:

  1. Go to the Settings subnode and select License.
  2. On the Licenses tab, you will enter your purchased licenses. You can do this directly by adding a license file or a license key, depending on what you have available. A wizard will guide you through the activation process.
  3. Once the license is entered into the system, your licensed DriveLock modules will be displayed on the Modules tab.
  4. Select all of them here and click the Edit button.
  5. Now you can specify the computers where the modules will be available. Click Add and select < Any computer > from the list.

Note: You can also specify other settings here and restrict the modules to individual computers, groups or OUs. For more information, see the Administration Guide at DriveLock Online Help.

  1. Confirm your selection and save your license settings.

Note: To hide modules you have not licensed in the policy, go to the top level of the policy and select the Hide unlicensed nodes context menu command.