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What is USB Security and Why have you been directed here?

You have been directed here as you have plugged in a non approved USB into the corperate network.
Don’t worry, the risk to the company has been mitigated.

Infections from USB are growing on a daily basis. Not only can they be used to spead infection, they are also being used to transfer Company data. 
Don’t use unknown USB Sticks. If you are unsure, give it to your IT Team to check out.

Company Data on a USB:

This sounds normal right? Im going to add my documents and use them on my laptop for the presentation Friday. (A very common scenario)
However during the presentation while packing up the USB is accidently left there. With company sales figures/ Profits & Loss or perhaps a sales forcast of clients the company is working on.
So you lost a USB stick. It happens right? 
Don’t let a simple mistake cost the business financially or reputation when the information gets out.
USB Encryption is the Key. Add your presentation to the Encrypted folder and it doesnt matter if you loose it.
Simple steps avoid Company risk.
Speak to your HelpDesk to learn more.

Unknown Malicious Software

Many USB sticks have been infected without the knowledge of the user. A number of these infections lay dorment, colling information for a long period of time before it is executed.
It has also been known that some usb sticks direct from a sealed package have been pre-loaded with malware/ransomware.

Because you have the access rights to adjust company data, an unknown malicous application has the potential to great harm to the business. With this in mind, we have restricted access to this device.

What to do:
Non approved USB sticks should not be inserted into company computers. If you have received a USB from the company and are receiving this message, please contact the helpdesk to have the USB reviewed. (It is common to review USB sticks ongoing)