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Upgrading Agents configured for Unstoppable Mode

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Creating a DriveLock dynamic Group

Open the DriveLock operation Center and navigate to Configuration -> Groups

Click Create dynamic group

Enter a description as you require.

We want this dynamic group to be enabled based on a registry location value.


Your Group will now appear

The Filter will be looking for the following item

NOTE: it will be provided within the script below

Editing the Configuration Policy to look for this condition

Open your Policy.

Expand Global Configuration -> Conditional Filters

Set a Computers Rule for “active ONLY on selected computers”

Applying the conditional filter to a policy section

You can right click the Global Configuration -> settings element to select a New Conditional setting

Select the conditional filter you require

This will now give you an additional list of settings that will apply to systems/users that match the requirements of the conditional filter.

In this case we want to disable the unstoppable mode requirement for the Conditional Filter users/computers.

Remember to Save and Publish your policy

Performing the config changes with Policy import

We have performed these policy change steps for you already in this policy snippet.

Open the policy you are using

.Note: The conditional filters may not be visible until the policy is saved, closed, re-opened

Remember to Save and Publish your policy

The Upgrade Script

The following script is designed to

  1. add the required registry item
  2. upgrade the configuration to ensure the conditional filters will match
    this will in turn disable unstoppable mode
  3. start the upgrade of DriveLock Agent
  4. Change the registry item
  5. Update the config again to re-enable unstoppable mode.

reg add HKLM\Software\CenterTools /v disable_unstoppable_for_upgrade /d 1 /f

timeout 30

msiexec /i “DriveLock Agent X64.msi” /qn USESERVERCONFIG=1 CONFIGID=XXXXXXXXX-995d-4115-b2ac-XXXXXXXXXXX CONFIGSERVER=https://your-fqdn:6067 TENANTNAME=root

reg add HKLM\Software\CenterTools /v disable_unstoppable_for_upgrade /d 0 /f

timeout 30

"c:\Program Files\CenterTools\DriveLock\DriveLock.exe" -updateconfig

Note: Your Config ID may not be required. Depending if you are using Policy Allocation rules.